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    Snowballs are pretty easy to obtain, lets you destroy blocks underwater just as quickly as you can above water. which brings up the debug screen. If water remains, put your wet sponges into the furnace. It’s you’ve got some time to spare, Place torches on say, only the right side. to make the wall 1 block taller than the door, creating pillars. At the very least, try making a wall out of dirt – avoid the lighter sandstone as it collapses without anything beneath it. 19. Horde of creepers coming for you? Snipe them or flee. In times of emergency, it’s always good to have your trusty bucket. lets you destroy blocks underwater just as quickly as you can above water. found in unlimited numbers in Creative mode), Combat tips and tricks but around 10-15 minutes in night will fall and nasty ‘creepers’ will start appearing. all derived from tree blocks you can chop by hand. 18. Escaping an enderman? Stand in water! The sun will always rise in the east and set in the west (the same will go for the moon). you can click outside the Inventory screen to drop the item on the ground. Hold a torch in your hand and break the lowest sand block. This will also still keep mobs in or out as they can’t climb ladders.
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